Dimensions – Once Upon Our Reality

Fulldome-video-feature show for planetariums and dome theatres. Produced with kind support by the Zeiss Planetarium Bochum.

360° fulldome-video, 50min, 2017, concept, script, animation/motion design, 360 cinematography, editing

Credits: Johannes Kraas (music, sound design, editing, associate-producer), Dr. Susanne Hüttemeister (scientific supervision, script editing), Klaus-Dieter Unger (star projection programming for hybrid version)


More detailed information on the shows Facebook-page.

For licensing info, more details and a full preview please use the contact form. “Dimensions” is also available from the following distributors: Carl-Zeiss-Jena GmbH, Lochness Productions, Goto Inc., Sky-Skan Europe.