undetermined outcome

”Nobody understands Quantum Mechanics” (Richard P. Feynman)

Undetermined outcome is an experimental audiovisual piece attempting to imagine something which can’t in fact be pictured. By stripping away layers of the real world it tries to visualize the strange cosmos of quantum mechanics and deconstructs reality into the indeterminable realm of fundamental particles.

Through an immersive journey focussing on emotion, confusion and fascination, it opens an interpretative gateway to a world which seems impossible to comprehend by everyday experience. The piece explores the themes like indeterminacy and interconnectedness in quantum mechanics, representing particles as abstract shapes that seem to morph and change as the audience observes them, and using the visuals and audio to create a sense of unpredictability and uncertainty, as well as a sense of interconnectedness between the audience and the universe by fusing in seemingly familiar shapes from reality.

2023, Fulldome 8K/4K, 210°, 3D-spatial-audio or 5.1 (visuals, cinematography, editing)

Credits: Johannes Kraas (original music, sound design, spatial audio mixing)

Awards: JANUS Award for Best Fulldome Short Film at 17th Fulldome Festival Jena, 2023


Trying out the Film at the Cosm Experience Center, Salt Lake City (CX-Display LED Dome)